Horse jumping show

In January, I went to a local horse jumping show, and tried to take some photographs. I realized that sports photography is not an easy job! I took some images with my 55-200 zoom, but here I’ll show only 3 images, which in fact were shot with my fairly new (at the moment) Samyang 85 mm f/1.4, a fully manual lens. Yes… doing sports photography with a manual lens in the 21st century might sound strange, but I really wanted to test the optical quality of that lens. But actually it’s not that hard: since the horses follow a defined track, and the obstacles don’t move, it’s just a matter of pre-focusing on the obstacle, and setting the camera to high-speed burst mode.
Unfortunately, I forgot to record the aperture used (the lens doesn’t report any metadata to the camera, unfortunately) but it was probably between f/1.4 and f/4.
Here are the images, which I’m quite happy of (developed in, and exported from RawTherapee):


The first image! :astonished:

So the samyang 85mm is a keeper or what? :smile:

Great shots, sharp lens and awesome postprocessing!

I agree the first image is awesome (e.g. for its sharpness)!

Btw, I would have cropped it a bit further (e.g. as regards the sky) but it is only a very minor suggestion following my personal taste… :slight_smile:

Did you work with RawTherapee as regards the RAW?

Thanks guys.

@paperdigits yes I think it’s a keeper. A challenge to focus and tad soft at f/1.4, but for the price I can’t be happier. There’s definitely a learning curve, my first shots with it were a bit disappointing, but lately I’ve got some nice images, even coupled with an el cheapo macro extension tube for close ups (I might show them in another thread one these days).

@Silvio_Grosso yes the images were entirely processed in RawTherapee. And yes I could have cropped it a little bit more, indeed.