How are different versions of images to be saved for future processing?

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It’s not a feature of RT that I generally use but it will add a version number automatically if the file name that is being saved already exists. This includes the pp3 file at that stage. The pp3 file will be associated with that version but I think that if the raw file is opened again later it will load the most recent pp3 file so the older one needs to be manually selected.

It also will load the last one used when a fresh raw file is opened. This is to help process lots of files taken under the same circumstances but it’s nvg for that style of processing. Most shots may need individual attention so applying the same processing pipe to them is unlikely to give the results that are wanted. The pp3 files can be saved though so if this form of processing is suitable one called say stage1 could be saved or say one to suit the initial steps needed on a particular camera.

I find myself generally selecting neutral profile each time a new raw file is opened. I don’t think that there is an option to make this happen automatically.

The GIMP is a different kettle of fish. Save in it’s own format and reloading it takes things back to where they were left. This is why it’s such a huge file.

Personally for versioning I prefer another application’s method. It has a save new version button. That saves and sets the new version as the current one. It also has save new file for renaming and the opportunity to make that current also overwrite without versioning it. In RT’s case all new version need do is save and version the pp3 file. I’ve never tried launching a pp3 file but would hope that it opened the associated raw file and applied it. It does version saved jpg’s etc

Unless another editor is going to be used on a shot there is no point in saving TIFF or 16bit PNG. TIFF is often used by conservators to account for future software changes. In other words that format will always be with us. Others such as some raw formats and others may not be. That includes the software that was used to produce a shot too.


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Didn’t know that. Is that a special setting, because my RT selects the default profile when opening a new RAW?

Isn’t that the use case for the default profile?

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@floessie I have never really delved into any default settings on RT so just mentioned what it does do with a straight install on Linux. I had noticed that if a raw file is re edited that it selects last one used. I also think that if that has been deleted it still finds it from some where. I assume this is an on the fly back up to account for power fails or crashes etc. Some time ago I deliberately deleted the pp3 and found that it still used the previous settings,

I do know that it will version saved format automatically and I assume a pp3 to go with them. Also that pp3’s can be saved and loaded.

One odd thing about me - maybe - is that I never ever use a packages image browser. This comes down to using more than one package - they all may want to catalogue them. I upload from the camera to a folder with a suitable name and use the desktop’s image browser or a separate image browser. Files are then edited via a right click and open with. That also allows me to select a suitable package for the editing. It’s not always RT and often I use more than one depending on what I want to do.

:wink: Yeh maybe i should have read the doc’s on default settings but it only takes seconds to set neutral. Also from a long time ago the only way to change these setting was via the image browser or maybe hand editing the config file.



Not 100 % sure, but I suppose: some where = ~/.cache/RawTherapee/profiles

You can delete profiles with the “clear” command in file browser and get rid of both the pp3 sitting next to the raw file in images folder and cached pp3.

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Would be nice if the snapshots we save while editing could somehow be preserved in a pp3. And Yes I understand it’s basically having 2+ pp3s in one pp3; which could make for large files …but soooo convenient :stuck_out_tongue:

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@stefan.chirila I agree, and I’d like to have this too. It’s on my TODO list FWIW (but only after lensfun is done)


I recommend adding sections in the PP3 with the name of the profile (user selectable, such as B&W or sepia, etc.) with all the section names from the PP3 (like [Exposure], [HLRecovery], etc.) as the prefix for each value. For example, the following section…


could end up looking like this with all of these variation “sections” appended to the existing PP3 file. There would be one section for each complete profile variation, with an underscore delimiting between the section name and the key name.

ProfileName=Black & White 1

I also recommend storing all versions in the PP3 this way and using an additional section to define which one to load on open (last saved) like this.

LastSaved=PP3Profile4 (or this could just be 4)

I recommend keeping all of the existing PP3 info in the file as it is, so that all the PP3 processors can work on them as usual. Also, having it be the “last saved version” allows RT to use the same way of rendering the thumbnails.

Anyway, this is just my 2 cents. Hopefully this can be done easily. I’m looking forward to it!