How are you all handling spot removal?

I’m processing a lot of old negatives and so spot/dust/scratch removal is a crucial part of the process. The lack of this feature in ART is the only thing preventing me from a complete end-to-end workflow in ART. I know @agriggio may one day port over whatever gets developed for RawTherapee, but in the meantime, I’m wondering how you all handle this and whether I’m missing something?

Using Gimp is not a great solution for me, mainly because 1) it doesn’t always open the TIFF file that ART generates - I get an error saying the TIFF plug-in wasn’t able to open the file. And 2), converting to TIFF feels like an unnecessary file conversion, when all I want to do is process the raw and export to JPG directly from ART.

Anyone have any workarounds or tips?

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Please consider reporting the bugs, otherwise they will be hard to fix…

You can use the “open in external editor” feature instead of exporting to an intermediate TIFF… that might save a few clicks.

That’s what I’ve been doing, but ART converts it to a TIFF and then GIMP sometimes opens it, sometimes not. And if I’m not mistaken, GIMP can’t open RAW files natively.

I agree that this feature would really be a big benefit in the workflow of those (like me) who work a lot in film, and who have to go through gimp for dusting negatives. since Alberto implemented the brush tool, I’ve been looking in vain for the option to check “clone” or “dusting” !!! :wink: :laughing:

I’m sorry to hear that. if you send a test case (ideally raw + arp), i can take a look. otherwise, you’ll have to live with that I’m afraid

Hello everyone,

With RawTherapee there is an experimental “branch” to remove the spots (spot-removal-tool by Hombre57).
It has been in the working for years now.
Its developer has not find the time yet to finalize it and release it (so, do not hold your breath to get it…).

Btw, with Darktable, an open source software, you have this feature (clone tool) if you really need it right now…
Needless to say, with every commercial RAW software you can also get this option as well.

It is sure that this tool would be great in ART. Only he is missing :innocent: