How can someone donate to the RawTherapee project?

Hi everyone,

Is there any way to donate to the project?

Thanks in advance!


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I’ll defer to @Morgan_Hardwood as I’m not sure if they are even taking donations at the moment. There is this:

@Morgan_Hardwood - is there a better mechanism for donating to the project?

Nothing better yet. I haven’t looked into this in some months. I set up a Fundly (?) account but I wasn’t happy with it for some reason. I recall reading somewhere recently that you set up a similar thing using another service - what is it, are you happy with it, and would you recommend it?

I’ve been using either paypal (, or the Pledgie campaign specifically for our LGM trip (but the Pledgie takes a percentage of every pledge).

There’s also the option of something like Patreon, but I’m not sure it makes sense in the context of a libre software project vs. artists.

There was paypal button but seems it’s not there anymore. Any chance to donate?

Through here:

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