How do I convert Image with NaN values?

This warning message says I need to convert rendered rectangle with NaN (Not a Number) value to 1. I… can’t quite understand this. How do I do that?

They have been already converted to 1.

Does the input to Transform2 already contain NaNs? It happens eg if you divide by zero in a Shadertoy node

A clamp node may come in handy after the node which is creating problems. eg. mostly shadertoy nodes. in clamp node check/enable all four min-max boxes will do the math and render will be same as viewport.

Is there a way to get rid of this wraning? I already use the clamp and it still get this warning I am dealing with exr images.
Any tips would be welcome, thanks.

One workaround would be to press o on viewer, It will disable overlays.

Good to know about that thanks, but the warning doesn’ t go away unless I close the file and open again or delete the viewer node and create another one.