How do you export a tiff beside the original raw on a Mac ?

Although, I think the correct variables needed are (FILE_FOLDER) and (FILE_NAME) I’m struggling to get them to work. Edit, I’m not sure what is happening with the formating of the variable names here, but I am using them with the correct formatting and not as they are dsiplayed here.

My original raws are stored in this hierarchy:

/Volumes/My Book Duo/PHOTO/WorkingFiles/Photo/CameraOriginalsWorkingCopy/2020/10-2020/2020-10-10 Mendips Priddy/gms_20201010_17C_7459.raf

Can someone help with the script I need to use in the target storage field to get exported tifs to save beside their original raw files .

It’s DT 3.4 and High Sierra, but I am assuming this won’t be relevant.

Many thanks,

Not sure why , but I’ve gone through all the options I “thought” I had already tried, and this time


is working as expected.


Edit: again the formatting of the variables is showing up wrong in this post, but I’m using them as they should be formatted