How is the shortcut list in the shortcut manager generated at runtime?

Hello friends,

I want to create a darktable shortcut overview on my website. When I compare the content of the shortcutsrc file with the content of shortcut manager at runtime, it seems that the manager has much more entries then the file has stored. The additional entries are unbound, but to get the complete picture I would like to include them.

How are entries created in the shortcut manager? No problem if the answer is technical :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time,

Iā€™m not entirely certain how it all works in the new shortcut system, but pretty much every widget in darktable can now be assigned a shortcut, so any list you might produce would be simply a list of all possible widgets. My understanding is that, as darktable is initiated and widgets created, each of these widgets registers actions with the shortcut system (including any default shortcut key-combinations) and then finally your own user-generated shortcuts are added into the list.

I guess the only way to get access to that complete list would be to find the data structure that the preferences dialog uses and write some code to output it to a text file. It might be too big to prove particularly useful though.

Yeah, thats what I thought. I was hoping for an easy way to tap into the list