How to add _RT to jpeg file-name in QUEUE ???

I used to know how to do this; I guess my head is full and when I learn something new it shoves out something that was already in there…
Using Windows
When saving the files in the Queue, how do I add _RT to the end of the original file-name ?
Do I use “Template” or “Folder” ?
The drop-down “Template” instructions are for Linux; I can’t remember how to translate that to Windows language.
Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.

Here is described all you can do within the Queue rename

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I have already read and reread that until my eyes are sore and I can’t figure out how to do what I want, nor how to translate the Linux language into Windows language.
I asked this same question here some years ago and someone showed me how to accomplish what I am trying to do.

On Edit: >>> I figured out how to see my past history and found this:
Add Suffix when saving files in RAWTherapee
In that thread, XavAl provided the solution and it worked for me.
Now, if I can just figure out how to enter my Windows path in the “Template”

As @Daniel_Catalina has told you, everything should be in that Rawpedia page.

Anyway, to my knowledge RT doesn’t mind about the OS you’re using, so adding «/» to point to a subfolder is the same as adding «\». Take a look at this relevant post, where you can see an example for Windows paths.

As an example to your doubt, if you want your queue exported files to be placed in a subfolder called «converted», inside the folder where your raws are (that is, the default output folder), but the name ending in «_RT», in the queue Use template field you would write:


However, following the example in that other post, if you want to export to another specific, not RT related folder, you would write:


Of course, the drive letter should be the appropriate one, and the slashes could be written reversed (\) if you wish.

I guess I am just slow.
I think I finally got it figured out; I got my test batch to end up where I wanted and to have the _RT tacked onto the file names as I wanted.
I did manage to completely lose two sets of four test images and I have no idea where they ended up.
I watched them one-by-one disappear from the queue, but where they ended up from there is a mystery.

That is good to know.
If it matters not which way the slases point, then I can just copy/paste my intended path and not have to meticulously switch directions of the slashes.

Thank you guys for once again getting me sorted and back in business.
I appreciate the patience, kindness, and help.