How to alter visibility of filters, accidentally?



I’ve installed gmic 2.1.9-2 on Arch Linux for a user; they’re already very familiar with gimp 2.8.22-1. On exploring the G’MIC Qt from gimp’s Filters menu, he found over time that the Available Filters list had some missing that were present before. How could this happen? If I open G’MIC Qt, having not used it before, they’re present.

Google found `the interface even offers a new mode for setting the visibility of the filters’ — but I haven’t found how to deliberately make a filter invisible, so that wasn’t a clue as to whether it could have been accidental and how to undo the action.

I do see the odd core dump from gimp over time; does G’MIC Qt mark a filter invisible if it detects gimp had a problem during its use?

The user has ~/.config/gmic/gmic_qt_visibility.dat that looks suggestive, but the `Hidden filters list (compressed)’ is just that, and Google finds nothing useful about it.

I’ve tried reading the fine manual, and the FAQ, but found nothing.

Cheers, Ralph.


I often find on manjaro (arch based) after the version of G’MIC is updated you need to refresh the filter list (‘update filters’ arrows at the bottom). Seems the community filters are missing until I do this. Also over time filters can be renamed or removed as the author sees fit (mostly the community ones).

Edit: I now see there’s a feature I never use: a ‘selection mode’ button also at the bottom which allows you to hide filters. It’s news to me as well!


There’s no automatic refresh happening so I still don’t see why existing one, e.g. Finger paint, should disappear. I manually triggered a refresh, with `Internet’ ticked, and Finger paint re-appeared, but it is present in both ~/.config/gmic/update{202,220}.gmic.

Speaking of which, is update202.gmic redundant once update220.gmic is present, or do they layer, with both being used? If the former, what cleans up the old ones?

It’s gmic 2.2.0-1 now on Arch Linux. I see the `visibility’ setting and can confirm that Finger paint wasn’t present with visibility turned off.

So, what causes filters to disappear if no update has happened?


@RalphCorderoy No, the updates aren’t cumulative. The old files don’t affect the new ones but perhaps they should be removed when update is run @David_Tschumperle. See how I have accumulated a bunch of 2.xMB files.