How to change the color of a particular area without affecting anything else.


Is there a tutorial or how/to available to show me how to change the color of a particular area with Rawtherapee?

As an example I would like to change the color of the woman’s shirt without affecting anything else in the image.

(Sebastien Guyader) #2

A quick and dirty way is to use the “hue according to hue” curve in the “HSV equalizer” tool (Color tab).
See the screenshot below:

The shirt is in the reds, to make it green I raised the point in the reds, and I adjusted the height to turn red into green. It worked because only the shirt has this red hue. Otherwise, you would need to use the same type of curve, but in the Local Lab version of RT.


That is exactly what I’m looking for. Is there a tutorial to guide me through the procedure step by step? I am a newbie with this software

Watched a few YouTube tutorials but they were confusing and did not help at all.

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Sorry I don’t have time right now to write a full tutorial, but look at the screenshot, it shows what room is activated, and the shape of the H curve (H is for changing the Hue of specific hues). This should get you started.

Also, see the icon at the top of the vertical tool bar on right, when activated (as in the screenshot) when you hover the mouse over your area of interest, it will show a vertical along the Hue of that area on the H curve. This will tell you where you should put the control point on the curve.


Thank you.


Is it wise to use a stock image as an example? Better to use your own or one that is licensed for sharing.


Not really. Next time I’ll try and find a more suitable image.