How to compile dt with RawSpeed support?

CMakeLists.txt (35.0 KB)

When I compile dt there is a messages that informs me that no rawspeed support is not available:
Libraw will be compiled with RawSpeed support ................ NO

src/CMakeList.txt is attached. The script to compile the source code of darktable looks like that:
git pull --ff-only origin master
git submodule update
cd $HOME/darktable/build
make -j32
make install

Any idea how to enable the rawspeed support in darktable?

perhaps you need

git submodule init

also before the update …

This message is Libraw specific and doesn’t say anything about “normal” Rawspeed support.

Have a look at the rest of your output, both configure and build, there should be plenty of rawspeed specific entries.

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Thanks, I just tried but no change. Rawspeed is still disabled.

As mentioned already, this message is for rawspeed within LibRaw only, which you don’t need/want (LibRaw is only used for CR3’s). dt still uses and builds w/ rawspeed directly.


make -j32

What CPU are you using?

Thanks. I use a Ryzen 3950X hence the -j32.
When I understand it corretly is rawspeed part of LibRaw. I installed LibRaw with the Fedora package manager and that’s why I don’t need the support for rawspeed within dt LibRaw ?


Libraw was recently added to darktable and its only purpose at the moment is to make support for Canon’s CR3 format possible. All other is done, as before, using Rawspeed.

Because Libraw is only used for CR3 support it does not need Rawspeed support itself. It does mention that this, among other compile facts, is the case (the message line you posted) and this is correct for what it is used for in darktable.

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No, rawspeed is a built-in part of dt itself, that’s why you don’t need it as part of LibRaw as well.

in addition to kmilos: libraw is used just for cr3. But to support most current cr3 cameras the latest released libraw is not appropriate - so dt includes the latest snapshot.
All other raw files are processed with rawspeed - without bothering about libraw