how to "dismiss all" notifications?

(Matthew Hunt) #1

I was too busy to log on for several months but have some more time and now I have a long list of Notifications and cannot click ‘dismiss all’ as there is a no-entry sign over it when I try. Using Firefox 66.6.01 Quantum on Ubuntu 18.04
I now have deselected topics other than one I just raised which has been very helpfully addressed thanks.
Have clicked on the notifications to read them but they stay in my list after reading. Not a big deal if that’s how things work though.


(Mica) #2

You’ll always have a list of notifications if you click your user avatar. If any of those notifications are highlighted, a dismiss button appears at the bottom. Clicking it will unhighlight everything.


(Morgan Hardwood) #3

@mnsh click on your avatar in the top-right corner, a panel pops up, and in the bottom-right corner of this panel is a “Dismiss” word-button. The tooltip says “Mark all unread notifications as read”.

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(Matthew Hunt) #4

I have the list in a thin window, it has an arrow button centre bottom to show more, when I click that I get a full window list of Notifications and on the bottom left a button saying (tick) Dismiss All, whose tooltip is as you say, but when I go to click on that button the mouse cursor changes to a no-entry sign and it can’t be clicked.


(Mica) #5

If you’re using JavaScript blockers or other extensions, try disabling them.


(Morgan Hardwood) #6

The entries won’t disappear, just their background color changes to signify that they’ve already been read.