How to edit a shape in retouch?

In Dt (pre 4.0), how to select, edit et erase a shape. Il doesn’t appear in mask manager when created in retouch module & when created from the shape manager, it doesn’t appear in retouch module, even in parametric shape. Ubuntu 20.04+nvidia

Just like normal drawn masks for the most part… right click deletes… using the icon next to the brush hides and shows the shapes… then just drag to move and edit with nodes as normal…??

Yes, i know! But the shape appear only when i put the dot on the black square (full image) on the left. Thank you to show me that!

Not 100% sure I follow…but yes there can be many wavelet layers and you will see only the shapes for the layer you have selected…there are some things you can do like merge layers etc…its pretty well documented and @s7habo just did two really nice videos that pretty much illustrate the whole process of using the module…well worth checking out if you have not…

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That’s intended since you can have retouch objects independently on each wavelet layer. So you won’t mess them up when changing something

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