how to end a darktable session?

(George) #1

Hello…darktable newbie here and just learning the system…but, I can’t figure out how to end and clear away a session and open a new one…I see how to choose the source file of images…no idea how to wipe it away to open another file of new images…would love some advice…

(Mica) #2

You can use ctrl + q to quit the application. You can use the hotkey L or click the word lighttable in the upper right corner to get back to the image thumbnail. You can use the hotkey D or click the word darkroom in the upper right hand corner to get to the editing interface.

Have you read the documentation or watched some introductory videos yet?

(St.Stephen) #3

In the lighttable screen in the upper right corner, you’ll see “select” and “selected image[s]” directly below it. When you want to “clear away a session,” click on “select” then “select all” followed by clicking “selected image[s]” then clicking “remove.” At least, that’s how I do it. Hope this helps.

(George) #4

Hi…thanks for that…and yes, been looking at tuts and reading and do understand the basics of quiting and so forth, but, what I am seeking is how to clear out a session’s lightable of its images and then import new images to work on from another folder…I fear I am not being clear enough in my question?

(Mica) #5

Ah, understand. Darktable has some library management features built in, so you don’t really “clear” the lighttable view, you just import more photos. You can filter the lighttable view with the Collections module, but really you just use the import module to import more photos or folders of photos.

(Mica) #6

Our own @RileyB has a great intro video,

His courses are well done, should you want to purchase those. They’re really reasonably priced.


Thanks for the kinds words and the recommendation! :grinning:

(George) #8

thanks for the helpful responses st. stephen and Mica…also, Riley, have checked out your vids on youtube which are great…no hemming and hawing, just straight at it useful info…thanks