How to hide the Transform gismo once done with it?

(Marcelo) #1

Sorry if this is a trivial question. But it not obvious to me how to get rid of the gismo/cursor after getting the expected result.

(Siddhant Rane) #2

You can press the “O” key and that will hide all overlays in the viewer.
If you want to unhide them, press “O” again.

(Marcelo) #3

Thanks a lot Sid


Also you can just close the transform bin from properties bin

(Marcelo) #5

Indeed. Would be nice to have it being hidden by just selecting any other node.

(Chris Tempel) #6

If you setup your workspace to only show one node at a time, you can hide it by selecting another node. This is usually what I do.


you can. Just type 1 in properties bin. And it will load only one, the last selected param in the bin