How to make a profile fixed

Using rawtherapee (linux Mint) I can’t figure out what I have to do for a profile of mine that I have stored to remain active until I select another one. Let me explain, after I have uploaded a profile and made the necessary corrections, moving to the next photo the selected profile becomes “Last saved”. This suits me well because I think it is the last profile I used, but if I go to check the tools that I had activated in the storage of my profile, I see that they are all deactivated so there is no correction. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Last saved should show all modules which were used and their parameters.

If i understand your description correctly, i estimate, the steps you did, were ok. If so, may be a check of the system and basics will be necessary. I am not a linux user, so may be i can be wrong.

After your edits: Is a pp3 file as sidecar created?

To which folder your pp3 files are stored ( have a look at the settings)?
Do you have the rights to write to this folder?

Whats the size of this pp3-file, does it have any content?
I hope, some linux users can give better hints.

It’s not a permissions issue, pp3 files are written regularly. My problem is that I want the profile I created to stay active until I change it. Now if I go to the next photo the selected profile becomes “Last saved profile” and so far so good. But if I go to see the tools I used previously, they are disabled and this is not good for me. I’m used to selecting 20 or 30 images in Photoshop and setting fixed corrections (practically I apply a profile). I would like to do the same thing with RH, but unfortunately this problem arises

does this work: Right click, the former edit, copy profile, click actual pic, insert profile from clipboard?

The last used profile is always active. And it is saved as a sidecar (a copy of the profile used plus all manual changes) next to the raw file or in the cache depending on your settings. So nothing is wrong what you did.

If you change your input afterwards, all raw files using that profile are unchanged antil you reload the profile again. That’s where the “last used” points to if I’m right.

Yes that works, but imo easier is to edit photo1, when done click the ‘copy current profile to clipboard’ button (top, right), open photo2 and paste profile from clipboard.
To paste profile1 to a series of photos, select them in the navigator, then right click > Processing profile operations > paste, or Ctrl+V.

So it should be, but I have verified that the second photo that I correct and that has the same profile, has all the tools disabled, so I have to reactivate all the tools used previously (as long as they keep the previous values, this I have not verified). This seems too cumbersome to me. Using memorizing the fix to the clipboard is fine, sure, but then what do you need to have created a profile to use under certain conditions? The tests I did on both linux and win 10.

@paulmatth thanks for you answer, thats how it should work. My question was for @xdodo since his “last saved” seems disappeared…

just save a personal profile and apply it whenever you need it.

@xdodo, here’s some info on what profiles are and how and when to use them.