how to process and incorporate dark flat frames

Hi everyone
I currently use bias and flat frames to process my dslr light frames.

sequence bias

  • stack the bias → master bias
    sequence flat
  • pre process flat frames with master bias
    sequence pp_flat
  • stack flat frames → master flat
    sequence light
  • pre process using master bias, master flat and check debayer
    sequence pp_light
  • register
    sequence r_pp_light
  • stack

Say I now take dark frames at the same exposure as the flat frames.

  1. How do I process the flat and dark flat frames?
  2. How do I incorporate the answer to question (1) in my workflow above?


Replace first and second item by:

  • stack the dark → master dark
    sequence flat
  • pre process flat frames with master dark
    sequence pp_flat

that’s all.

OK, thanks.
What about the bias frames? I still keep them in stage 4?

Yes, but why do you need dark frame for flat? Do you use narrowband filter?


Curiosity. Nothing more.

I want to see if there is any difference dark-flat/bias-flat.