How to properly update database

Hi all,
I had to replace a hard disk with photos.
The mount point is still the same name, but apparently the disk partition’s UID has changed.
Digikam database has to be updated now, which is a nuisance if you have a lot of archives.
Isn’t there a better way than rescanning all the archives?.
Can’t one edit the database somehow?
Or is there a script that can update the database?
(System Info: digikam 7.7.0 AppImage on Linux mint 20.1 MATE)

Just an FYI, digiKam 5.8 is now out. As to your question, every once in a while I’ll change something in dK and it will affect the database. I’ve looked for a good alternative to rescanning and so far haven’t come up with anything. At one point I had spent more time googling than it would have taken to just restart the database. Of course, YMMV based on the size and structure of your files. Also, you might lose your tags, ratings, etc… in the process. That’s all I know.

Simply click on the update button (round circle icon) for the respective collection in the digiKam setup under Collections. Confirm or change dialogs - done.

Thank you