How to run Rapid Photo Downloader Windows

If there is a document that gives detailed instructions on how to run Rapid Photo Downloader in a VM under Windows, or in the Windows Sub-system for LInux, could somebody please point me to it? Thanks.

Since it is written in Python, you should be able to get it running on Windows if you can fix the dependencies listed in ~dlynch3/rapid/zeromq_pyqt : contents of requirements.txt at revision 1284

I don’t have a lot of Python experience, but I think the hardest part is going to be gPhoto2. WSL might work for that, though its usb device support is still a bit iffy.

See also this thread: Photo importer for Windows

Thanks for the advice. After writing my post I saw comments by the Rapid Photo Downloader developer advising not to even bother trying it under WSL - so I’ll stick to the virtual box option. Not being an IT person, and interested in photography, I don’t have any plan to change anything in the PYthon code. But I also don’t have nay experience of using virtual box; investing in that skill has no payback for me this late in life! So I just want to find an effective guide and follow it.

As long as you don’t try to download from a device that requires unlocking, like a phone, you should be okay with VirtualBox. I recommend installing Rapid Photo Downloader in the Linux distribution of your choice from this source: Rapid Photo Downloader: Download and Install