How to understand "rawpedia"

Wayne_Sutton recommended that I use the favorites tab. As an honest citizen, I went to rawpedia to understand how to enable this tab.
be reading
" Favorites
This tab allows you to choose which tools appear in the Favorites tab of the editor toolbox."
It’s clear.
" Available Tools

Checkboxes indicate which tools and sub-tools are in the Favorites tab. Only tools that can be marked as a favorite will have a checkbox. Toggling a checkbox adds or removes the corresponding tool to/from the Favorites tab."
I glanced at the various instruments. I didn’t find any… “flags”. But there was no indication where to look for these flags. “Flags for instruments” and that’s it.

Okay. Maybe there will be a practical explanation next, I thought.
I read further:
" Favorites Panel

Favorite tools are listed here in the same order as they will appear in the Favorites tab. Selecting a tool from the list and clicking the up or down button located to the left of the list moves the tool up or down the list. It is also possible to rearrange tools by dragging them. Tools can be removed from favorites by selecting them and clicking the remove button. Use the Ctrl key to select multiple tools or the Shift key to perform a range selection."

Here “- where exactly”?

" Options

  • Keep favorite tools in original locations: If set, favorite tools will appear in both the favorites tab and their original tabs. Enabling this option may result in a slight delay when switching tabs."

Parameter which is located where???


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So it’s in the settings!..

Thank you very much. And for your YouTube videos to a greater extent.

After you enable it in the settings it also appears in the main toolbar

Which youtube videos? May be you mean the vidoes from @Andy_Astbury1

I would comment that Rawpedia sections are not always written by native English-speaking Tech Pubs personnel.

Yes, I already understood this without even trying. Thank you.

A! Well, yes.
Same avatar. I thought it was you :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not a native speaker of English speech/either.
I haven’t even used translators before. But, since I’m not in an English-speaking country, I got lazy.
Can I correct that manual? Even if I’m not “native English-speaking Tech Pubs personnel”?

As soon as I logged into my account to edit the help page, I immediately saw this message:

Has anyone read this thread gone and decided to fix the help page, or is it that if you log into “” the pages are no longer viewable?

There is a Forum on this site:

If some text is just plain wrong …

I hope that that answers your question …

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Thank you. Then I’ll have to read it.

It’s a pity that you can’t sort the tools in the chosen order.
Why is it important? We can add or remove any tool from such a tab at any time, and the position of the tools will immediately become unusual for us. For example, we want to add the tool we are adding to the end of the tab panel, and the tool will be exactly where it was, if after something already added it was not in the “favorites” tab.
A simple example on fingers. I’m adding a lab curve tool, but I don’t want this tool to be at the very top of the Favorites tab panel.

If you are talking about the favourites tab, you can move the tools up and down as you want by selecting the module on the right hand side and using the arrows in the centre.

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As far as I know, that page is depending on each single user, at this page is the frame about those tools you have chosen to be a favorite. And as you can sort the favorites to your liking, any description of this page is more or less useless. Of course, what could be added is a sentence including the link to the settings.

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