How to uninstall Natron in Linux

(Fathom) #1

Hello, I am new to Natron. I installed Natron (superb installation experience) and then I installed Natron2 and now neither will launch. How do I remove the two Natrons so I can go back and reinstall the first? I tried different commands but none will work. I looked up ‘uninstall natron’ but do not see any documentation. Perhaps it is really glaringly obvious that no documentation is needed, so can you enlighten me please? This is for Linux and my OS is Ubuntu 18.04. Please and thank you.

(Mica) #2

You type sudo apt purge natron*

(Fathom) #3

“E: Unable to locate package natron”

(Mica) #4

How did you install it?

(Fathom) #5

Went to website. Clicked download. Unzipped file. Clicked on output. Had a nice install experience.

(Mica) #6

During installation, you choose an install folder. I’d assume you can just delete that install folder and the application will uninstall.

It sort of sounds like you installed twice in the same place.

(Fathom) #7

The program is in my directory of applications (menu). I think a simple delete will not work. I have the other Natron in a separate folder. The second one may be a beta, which I mistook for a newer stable version. These look like installers rather than something else.

(Mica) #8

If you look in your ~/.config directory, you’ll probably see a matron.desktop file, which is what puts natron in your menu. You can remove that file as well.


go to the dashboard [superkey]. search “natron”. There will be natron2setup>remove all components.
or in terminal:
cd Home(or the installed directory)/Natron2

(Fathom) #10

@cgvirus Thanks, I figured it would be something devastatingly simple.