How to use an HP Active Pen G3 in Gimp on Windows 10

Dear all, I would like to use an HP Active Pen G3 in GIMP on Windows 10 on an HP x360.
But I can’t get it working so far.
Is there anywhere a manual what to configure to get the HP active pen working with Gimp?
Or can someone help?
Thanks in advance

Is it currently working? and you just need to get it working with GIMP? If so check the drop down menu Edit for the peferences you can select input devices there. There is also an Input Devices entry
just below the Preferences as well. you may need to select devices there as well

Hello AdmFubar,
the Pen itself is working, e.g. in the GIMP menu. But not in an image itself. I tried all Input device settings, but I am not able to get the HP Active Pen G3 working in an image.

If you are not using a driver supplied by HP. check HP support and see if there is a driver available from HP. If the driver is from m$ there might be an issue with it, and using one from HP might work correctly.

Hello Admfubar, the driver from HP is installed. But in GIMP I can’t see a HP stilus. rgds Frank

Here is some istalation and calibration tips. This might solve the issue. Kind of a long shot.