How to Use G'MIC fx_stylize from DOS command line

Hi I’m trying to use G’MIC fx_stylize from the command line. I keep getting an error on the style image:

For example, for the command:

`gmic sample targetImage.jpg _fx_stylize styleImageMondrian.jpg +fx_stylize 1,5,0,0,0,3,1,0.5,0.1,3,3,0,0.7,1,0,1,0,5,5,7,1,30,10,2,1.85,0 -output styletestout.jpg

I get the following error:

Error in ./_fx_stylize/*if/ *** Command ‘input’: Unable to load image file ‘’ from network.

I am pretty sure that I am not correctly referencing the input files and could find no doc on it. I think that including the sample directive is also wrong.

I also tried the following but it too abended trying to pull the file from the gmic web site:

gmic -input targetImage.jpg -input styleImageMondrian.jpg [0] _fx_stylize [1] +fx_stylize 1,5,0,0,0,3,1,0.5,0.1,3,3,0,0.7,1,0,1,0,5,5,7,1,30,10,2,1.85,0 -output styletestout.jpg

Any insights would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jim

Running a command in debug mode, the problem appears to be with whatever value is in path_cache based on the following:

<gmic>./   item[4] = 'name=styleImageMondrian'
<gmic>./   item[5] = 'fi'
<gmic>./   item[6] = 'filename=${-path_cache}style_$name.png'
<gmic>./   item[7] = 'if'
<gmic>./   item[8] = 'isfile(['{/$filename}'])'
<gmic>./   item[9] = '$filename'
<gmic>./   item[10] = 'else'
<gmic>./   item[11] = 'i'
<gmic>./   item[12] = '$name.png'

Item 4 is correct as it appears that the command expects the file to be in PNG format and automatically appends .png to the filename given - as well as prefixing it with “style_”.

Now the problem is how to find out what the value of path_cache is since that seems to be the source of the problem. It would be great if there was documentation of how to both set and read its contents.

I’ve found an answer.
In taking a look at the GMIC log, which on my system is in the directory
I noticed a couple of files of the form style_SOMENAME.png, with one of them being style_landscapenearantwerp.png, which I recognized as one of the default style files.

Copying my style file into the C:\Users\webcon\AppData\Roaming\gmic directory and running the command again, fx_stylize now works.