How to work with output in g'mic

I been having some trouble getting the exports to look right. Sometimes, I have to normalize and then sometimes I have to test if it 16-bit integer that’s going to be exported. Neither #@cli output: or individual files tells me so much. The file type that I’m exporting is .png, and I noticed g’mic exports to 16-bit png rather than 8-bit png. Could there be more description on .png files?

I’m using gmic cli.

It depends on the range of values. If it is 255 and under, it will choose 8-bit, and if greater, 16-bit. Above 65535, it clips. As with all processing, you need to decided between normalizing and clipping when you finish or go to the next processing step.

I believe there is no description because G’MIC doesn’t have any (exposed) export options for it.

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I did attempted to do n 0,255, but in Krita it asks me for a profile when importing .png. I wish that can be remedied.