How's the G'MIC input video support on Windows?

Thus far I’ve tried various containers (mkv, mp4, avi, ts) and various codecs (avc, hevc, mpeg-2, rgb32/24) and only thing that seems to work is rgb24 in avi. However, the documentation paints the picture that about everything should be compatible as input. Am I missing something here?

G’MIC 2.7.3 on Win 10.

I would use ffmpeg and other utilities to extract the frames into images and then feed them into G’MIC.

G’MIC uses OpenCV to read/write videos.
If some video codecs are not supported, then it’s probably because the version of OpenCV on Windows does not handle them.
I haven’t really check if the Windows version of the cli tool manage video input/output correctly.
But really, we use only simple calls to the OpenCV API to manage video input/output.