I installed Darktable v. 2.7 but I found v. 2.6.2

(charlie) #1

I downloaded the development version 2.7 from here: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-2.7.0, I installed it in MacOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) from terminal using Homebrew, but I always find myself with version 2.6.2. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

(Pascal Obry) #2

There is no 2.7 release for MacOS or Windows. Note that 2.7 is a development release that you need to build from sources anyway.

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(charlie) #3

Thank you for your answer.
But aren’t the source of development version 2.7 here? https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/releases/tag/release-2.7.0
How to compile them in macOS? I thought Homebrew was fine, but maybe it compiles from the official package (2.6.2) and not from where I want it. Is that so?

(darix) #4

homebrew will probably use the stable version. this 2.7.0 tag is for development purposes. it basically marks the beginning of 2.7.0. which will end up in a 2.8.0 stable release around christmas (if we follow the same plan as last year)

(charlie) #5

I know it’s a development version, but I’d like to try it. How can I compile it in macOS?

(Mica) #6

See the instructions in the repo: https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable/blob/master/packaging/macosx/BUILD.txt

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(charlie) #7

Thanks but it seems too complicated for me :smiley:

(MartinSt) #8

It‘s not complicated, it just needs some time. But it‘s worth spending the time. Apart from editing some files it‘s just copy paste shell commands …

(charlie) #9

I tried to follow those instructions but too many errors are generated. Who has already compiled and can give me some help? Thank you.

(charlie) #10

Someone can explain to me how to fix the errors that appear when executing the command on line 14:
> iMac-di-mac:~ mac$ cp -R “$(port dir python36)” ~/ports/lang

Error: /opt/local/bin/port: Failed to initialize MacPorts, sources_conf must be set in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf or in your /Users/mac/.macports/macports.conf file
cp: sources_conf must be set in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf or in your /Users/mac/.macports/macports.conf file
    while executing
"mportinit ui_options global_options global_variations": No such file or directory
(MartinSt) #11

Looks like macports isn‘t installed properly. Maybe uninstalling (see https://guide.macports.org/chunked/installing.macports.uninstalling.html) and reinstalling the installer package might help.

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(charlie) #12

Thanks, I’ve uninstalled macports following your instructions.
I have successfully reinstalled, without having error messages.
But the problem with line 14 remains that it says:

sources_conf must be set in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf

In my macport.conf file, sources_conf is set:

# Location of the MacPorts sources list.
sources_conf                           /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf