I needed a support for CR3 Canon 90D on Linux OpenSuse

How to use cr3 from canon 90D?

Darktable 3.7.0
exiv2 0.27.4


Linux, Windows or OS X?

Linux OpenSuse tumbleweed

Just build it as usual? You can follow the instructions on GitHub - darktable-org/darktable: darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer

Or perhaps Install package graphics:darktable:master / darktable

our exiv2 package has BMFF support enabled
and we have master package which should have you covered. (if master has all the changes to support that camera)

One needs the rawspeed patches to support cr3 from here: GitHub - cytrinox/rawspeed at canon_cr3

well we dont package those and i would wait for @LebedevRI to merge them.