I really didn't need this

Beacause I have two other excellent 50s, but I sure did want it. For fun. To play with.

Industar 22 50mm f/3.5, (circa 1962) on a SONY a7R (2014)

All images (the B&W ones, the color pictures are the RAW files) in this thread are processed with RawTherapee and post-processed with GIMP.


Nice :slight_smile:
How is the contrast of that lens?

Where are the photos from this lens?? Looks awesome.

Not very good, since it’s single coated. However it’s quite sharp and renders very pretty colors.

I just got it today and the weather was awful, so I didn’t test it properly.

I just took a few shots indoors but I like it this far.

I’ll update this thread when I’ve taken a few shots outside.

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Looks like a fire hose’s spray nozzle. :joy_cat:


Oh, that’s a nice copy (i.e. a Russian rip-off) of a lens I owned
for a short while in the early 1970s (because I could not
afford it earlier):

@zerosapte Your lens is an M39, right (i.e. not an M42)?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Yes, it’s an m39 copy of Leica Elmar.

Here are a couple of straight out of camera shots and their processed versions.

The lens is not contrasty at all but it’s quite sharp and full of character. Also a bit quirky to use, especially the focusing lever… it feels odd, but it’s fun.

I will take more photos today and update this thread.


Also a bit quirky to use, especially the focusing lever…

Ah yes, but it worked beautifully with Leica’s parallax viewer

My Industar 50mm (M42 version) is tricky in other ways:
easy to lubricate, easy to focus – but as soon as you step down
the aperture, the focus ring changes as well :-(((

I know what you mean. I have that lens as well.

A picture of my dad. The lens is really very sharp, a lot moreso than I expected from it.

This image of my mum and dad shows how this lens flares extremely easily. To be expected, though, due to it’s single coating. The flare is really unappealling and I can’t see how it can be used creatively. It is what it is.

However, with the terrible flaring, with the lack of contrast, with the quirky and somewhat stiff focusing there’s still something that I find very enjoyable about shooting this lens. On top of that I just love how it renders black and white images. Highlights and midtones have a “silvery” quality to them and generally the lens, despite it’s shortcomings, is very sharp and has plenty of character.

Here’s an image of my mum and my brother holding one of our hens.


The B&W rendering is quite nice!

It is. It’s my favourite thing about this lens. However I’ve yet to decide if I’m keeping it or selling it.

These black and whites are outstanding. What’s your method turning it black and white?

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Nothing special to be honest.

I think the final look has more to do with the character of the lens than with any method. What I do is some pretty basic processing in RawTherapee followed by light post processing in GIMP.

A few more color pictures, this time only the processed images, because that’s what really counts - the final result.