I still take photos!

Just to prove to myself (and @darix) that I do still occasionally take photographs I thought I’d share some random views of my recent trip back to my old playgrounds in the Florida Keys…

Keys living is hard!

A gaff-rigged boat in the distance at the marina on Key West.

The view from my campsite was horrible.

I sometimes forget just how clear and beautiful the water can be.

These were all shot on the camera I had with me - my phone (iPhone Xr).
Yes, I absolutely should have my gear with me but it was a minimal camping trip and when choosing to decide on my bottles of rum or my kit bag I opted for the rum. :champagne:

And finally, proof that I do exist outside in the sun sometimes :smiley: :


Only took you 3 months :wink:

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Those trees would be sweet in some good light.

Not to mention he included sea for me :slight_smile: