I would like an account just for personal troubleshooting and fun

my RawTherapee username is OrlandB204567

Welcome. What do you mean by ‘RawTherapee username’?

I followed what it said when I requested an account

Do you mean for the RT wiki?


What do you mean personal troubleshooting and fun? The wiki is a public platform, not a playground.

I’m learning for an IT job, I am currently certified as a google IT specialist

What do you plan to do on the wiki? It is currently functioning alright.

i’m requesting an account for the software

I understand that. What do you want to do with the software? It is functioning OK.

I’m trying to get access to download it

All the content you would want to download is public facing.

Can you be detailed about what you want to do?

the RAW file system explorer

I am thoroughly confused. If you want to download RawTherapee to edit your raw photos, it’s 100% free to do so and requires no account: https://rawtherapee.com/downloads

If you want to play around with the source code and make modifications to the software, you can follow this procedure: for Linux, Windows or macOS. This happens locally, so you don’t need an account. The source code is publicly available on GitHub, GitHub - Beep6581/RawTherapee: A powerful cross-platform raw photo processing program.

Finally, there’s the documentation on RawPedia (https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com) which is free to access and read without an account. If you want to seriously contribute to the documentation, you are welcome, but I hope you understand that we don’t give accounts to unknown users.

From an IT specialist I would have expected a more comprehensive request to be honest…


My alarm bells are making noise, just sayin’.


what’s this then Request account - RawPedia

in https://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Special:RequestAccount, It reads. . .

“Accounts are only for people who want to be able to make edits.” If I am correct, they are talking about edits in RawPedia, not Rawtherapee

All you need to know is what @Thanatomanic wrote previously.


ohhh ok, thank you so much