I'm looking for varicose effect on G'MIC


Varicose effect - https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/112488-varicose-2-ymd18-02-20/

I may or may not have seen that in Inkscape and G’MIC, but pretty sure seam carving utilize very similar technique to the varicose effect. So, I’m looking to see if there’s anything similar to that.

I did found lightning though. I could use that to create lightning brush for Krita.


Not sure if I saw a filter exactly like that, but the C# source is there which looks simple enough to read. Perhaps you can replicate from that, or build your own using fill in “dynamic” mode (which is what seamcarve does). When you begin the fill with a greater than symbol, the new values are readable during the loop, e.g.:

gmic sp f ">j[u*100]"

Edit: some which demonstrate a little better…

gmic sp f ">max(i,j(-1,-1),j(0,-1),j(1,-1))*(u>0.5)"
gmic 400,400,1,1 f ">y>0?j(u*3-1,-1):u>0.5"
gmic sp f ">y>0?j(u*3-1,-1):i"


I tested at one of those with edge detection. I believe this can be made pretty easily.


I think you’re right:

gmic 800,800,1,3,">y>0?j(u*3-1,-1):u>0.5" g x

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Sort of reminds me of Make Squiggly except only vertical position. :slight_smile:

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…oh dear.

Something like:

y>0?j((u*diff)-(diff/2-.5),-1):u>0.5" g x *. 512 rm..

can be used to make various textures of a similar kind.