Image Files on Second Mounted HD

I have installed RT 5.7 on my desktop computer running Ubuntu 18.04.3. My image files are on a second hard drive (/media/steve/500GB/Digital Photos). The HD is mounted.

I do not find a way to get to my image files through the RT File Browser-Folders. I do not see the media folder.


Help? Thanks.

@supperman how did you install RT? Deb package, snap package, appimage, or flatpak?

Where do you have it mounted?

If you have it mounted in that path (/media/steve/500GB/Digital Photos), could you change it to somewhere inside your home folder (perhaps in /home/steve/Pictures/Digital Photos)?

That way you won’t have to deal with permissions to access a root folder, and RT will show it inside your Pictures folder.

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When I have an external DD mounted, it appears appears under “Places”:

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Paperdigits, I saw your recent post about overriding the sandboxing mechanism on a per application basis. It sounds like the same issue I have. I’ll get with a buddy that knows command line to try it.

Thanks all for the quick replies.

You don’t need a buddy, just find the mount directory, then copy and paste the command I posted.

I got it figured out, it works fine. Thank you.