Image on one monitor and controls on another - is it possible?

Hello! I am very glad with my first steps in rawtherapee, but i miss one option badly - i have two screens - one 1080 and one 4k, in fresh versions of darktable (3+) there is nice button, that opens current editing image (“image preview”) in new window, that can be moved anywhere (on second screen in my case) - are there any plans for such simple but very useful option in RT?

p.s. “own window mode” does not help, because it leaves controls and image in one window

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There are currently no plans for this. Also, while RawTherapee is by no means ‘slow’ software, rendering two outputs of possibly different zoom-levels and high resolution, is presumably going to be an unpleasantly slow experience…

Edit: well, what do you know, there is still an open issue about something similar on the bug tracker

I’ve long wanted the same feature myself, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible at this moment.

However I made myself a small RawTherapee patch that partially solves this issue:

  • if the environment variable RT_PREVIEW_PROTO is set to png or jpeg,
  • and if the variable RT_PREVIEW_PATH is set to a file path,
  • whenever the preview changes inside RawTherapee main window,
  • the pointed to file will also be rewritten with a large enough preview (between 1920 px and 3840 on the largest side);
  • then I just open that preview image with any tool that supports image reload; (for example sxiv and geeqie; ) (optionally color management should be supported by that viewer and the proper profile should be loaded;)

The patch is quite small and available on GitHub:

(As bonus point, if the preview path is on a remote file-system like NFS, or exported via HTTP, you can preview it on any device.)

That being said, as @Thanatomanic mentioned, it does come with some performance penalty mainly due to the large preview size. You can improve that performance by decreasing the nWH_min variable to a more sensible value.)