Image related programs suddenly slow on Win10 [solved]

I have a Win10 system running which worked fantastically using RT, Digikam, Gimp and Irfanview.
Suddenly out of nowhere everything slowed down a lot, to the point where even browsing through images using irfanview and Digikam, which were more or less instantaneous before, had an unberreable lag.
Finally I did a new install and now many things are fast again, except the above mentioned programs.

Does anybody have any idea how to solve this??
I would love to achieve the old speed again.

Can you check your taskmanager if there is a application that uses large amounts of cpu ram or disk?

Yes, several times and nothing major was going on. Just an Example:

That’s the crazy thing about it.

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Just to finish this thread myself…

First a correction. Not just image related software was slow, everything was.

The solution: detach the battery from the computer for more than a minute! I know sounds crazy but it worked. Found the solution in some forum and this seems to be a known issue with the Dell XPS15.


Glad you fixed it @McCap