Imgur: experimental plugin for PhotoTeleport - testers needed :-)

Hi there!
Today I wrote an upload plugin for Imgur in PhotoTeleport; it seems to work fine for me, but since I’m not a Imgur user (I registered my account just today) I’m not 100% sure that the way that the plugin is uploads and publishes the images is the one users would expect.

That’s why I’d be happy if some seasoned Imgur user could test the program and let me know if the photos are updated in the right way. In particular:

  • After uploading the images, I’m also automatically sharing them. Is that the right thing to do?
  • While the images appear to be tagged correctly, the tags also appear as part of the description.
  • Newly created albums are not automatically shared (only the images are)

So, I’ve built a test version of the application; because of time constraints, I’ve built it for Linux only (though as always, the next stable version will be released for Windows and Mac as well), so I’m hoping to find some Linux user who could help me with the testing. If you happen to be one, please download the test version of PhotoTeleport and let me know here if it matches your expectations, as far as Imgur uploads are concerned. :slight_smile:

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