Import bezier path into natron

Hello there, I m quite new with natron and I would like to morph some letters of a text by moving some specifics points of a letter inside the text.
The only way that I thought right now is to draw a text, than shape a roto like the letter with bezier curve and move points in the animation, but it looks like a very long process.
Is there a way to import a bezier path inside natron? Something maybe like draw it in insksape and somehow tell natron to use the points from the svg to be the roto.

Thank you!

Unfortunately this isn’t possible. I made a feature request about this some time ago but no progress/developers to work on it Import SVG as roto shapes · Issue #531 · NatronGitHub/Natron · GitHub

Depending on your use case it might be easier to create your text animation in Glaxnimate or Synfig Studio and then input the animation into Natron.

As I mentioned in that issue it shouldn’t be that hard (svg=>cairo=>convert_to_path=>roto). I don’t have time to do anything about it (at the moment).