Import RAFs does not work

Import of test files:

does not work.

I’m all but 100% certain that you are using the, rather old, 5.8 Stable version from February 2020. This one is indeed not capable of working with these GFX100S RAWs. However…

If you download one of the prebuild development versions you are able to edit these images. I tried using the 5.8-2995 appimage (Linux) and the very latest self build version. I do believe both lack some specific profile support for the GFX100S, but you are able to edit them.

You don’t mention an OS, so, take your pick:

These are all but 100% stable, so there shouldn’t be any issues. Even better: Many issues are fixed and support for newer gear is added when comparing to the older stable 5.8 version.

Support was added in April 2021: