Importing and initial ratings question

I’ve 2 Nikon cameras that I import via USB into Darktable.

My older D7000 imports and the initial rating on all images is set to 1. But my 2nd newer camera, D3400, ignores the rating set in mount camera parameters and all images are unrated.

Any idea how I can fix the auto settings? Currently I select all and select the 1 rating, but I’d prefer if it just works.

Currently running 4.5.0+1237~g7298bbc3-dirty but this has been happening since I got the D3400 and DT ~3.8

you might check the exif, if there’s an explicit rating with your older camera. Newer cameras might set that rating to 0 if you didn’t rate in the camera. Usually such existing rating is taken over to darktable.
You can tell darktable to ignore those in camera ratings if you don’t use that feature in your cam by setting import preference ‚ignore exif rating’ (see darktable 4.4 user manual - import)

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Yes, that did it, thanks