Importing part of a profile

(Syv) #1

RT 5.4 on Manjaro

I have a whole bunch of similar images, so I processed the 1st one, saved the pp3 file, exported and I’m happy.

Next image, I’d like to import the pp3 but only some sections of the pp3. The sections imported would depend on the image. Now I import the whole profile, and reset the modules that I need to change, but there’s been already a few that I forgot to change, so I have to go back.

I’ve seen, but that’s for export.

Is there something similar for import?



(Morgan Hardwood) #2

You can both copy and paste partial profiles:

I would make a full-copy (i.e. just copy) of your 1st image’s PP3, then partial-paste it over the rest as needed. Or I would fully paste it over the rest and disable stuff through the Batch Edit tab.

(Syv) #3


I already saw these articles, but what I can’t figure out is how to paste sections of the saved pp3 file (the partial paste).


(Morgan Hardwood) #4


From the File Browser > Right-click > Processing Profile Operations > Paste/Apply - partial
From the Editor > Processing Profiles panel in the top-right > Ctrl+click on any of the four icons (Load/Save/Copy/Paste).

(Syv) #5

Exactly what I was looking for