Improved color management for Firefox

Done By ILM themself

Download here Extended Color Management – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

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At first I thought this was a joke for 1 April.

Ever wish that Firefox didn’t use color management when viewing images or video? Turn it off easily with this add-on.

This extension makes it easy to flip the necessary preferences to make sure you are seeing images and video without any color modifications from Firefox or the operating system.

Ha, the ‘improvement’ is to turn CM off… :crazy_face: I could write a ton of Firefox extensions that do that!

Seriously, for the ACES workflows that’s needed, as they bake the ODT (display profile) into the render for specific destinations. OS profiles get in the way of that…

So, this means that the extension is useful when the image or video has been rendered specifically for the viewer’s display, correct? In other words, it’s of no interest for guys like me, who consume generic sRGB images from the web, or watch YouTube.

Calling the ability to turn off colour management ‘Extended color management’ is either great marketing, or hugely successful trolling…

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Yeah, I figure I could turn CM off by denying the software access to the profile, not that hard to do…

In rawproc, I have a property, display.cms=1|0, does that. I use it sometimes to isolate the matrix and TRC transforms.

Why not both?