Improving A trous Wavelet Transform user experience

I love the A trous wavelet transform in Siril that I use as a post-process smoothing tool at the final stage of photo editing.

It’s great to have a real-time view of what impact changing the slides of the plans have on the image. This unfortunately becomes a waiting game when the image is large like 5000x5000 px and larger and the number of plans is 6.

Can the UI be modified to allow firstly the option of having a real-time view if the user wants to or not. Secondly can a small number entry square be provided next to the sliders so that the user can enter a number manually without using the slider triggering an update of the real-time view as it traverses from some point x to point y.

Hello. It is already possible to uncheck the preview mode.
Also, our wavelet tool is really dedicated to planetary images, from small sensors. Not for huge deep sky images.

Also the entry has been added in the 0.99.1

Thanks for letting me know about the ability to turn off real-time updates in the new betas; I think manual entry boxes might be also worth considering for the future alongside slider widgets like GIMP does.

I use this function for final noise reduction and I could do it in GIMP with its wavelet tool but the interface on GIMP is a bit clunky for this application. I understand Siril is for pre-processing but it does have a few standalone post-processing use cases.

Thanks again

As I said. We already did it.
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And no, not only. Siril can do much better than preprocessing.

Excellent … agreed Siril is awesome; thanks again for responding so fast.