In Arch Linux I noticed a problem with lensfun after upgrade

In Arch Linux I noticed a problem with the latest version of lensfun since yesterday. Art-rawconverter 1.12.1 (what a nice program!) won’t start anymore with the latest version of lensfun edit: 0.3.95. A system upgrade with the exception of lensfun everything is ok

Arch Linux have kind of shot themselves in the foot with lensfun. They updated to a non-official (alpha) version 0.3.95 a while ago, and the corrections made with 0.3.95 are (at least in darktable) not 100% compatible with corrections made on the prior version (0.3.2) – lensfun changed the meaning of one of the parameters leading to incorrect scaling factors. Unfortunately I suspect that the new version (0.3.3) actually represents a “downgrade” as it doesn’t contain a lot of the stuff that was in 0.3.95. People therefore might be in a situation where corrections made in the last year or so (since 0.3.95 was added to the repos) will not be compatible with the current version, but corrections prior to that will be compatible.

This issue may not be entirely obvious to the user – it just affects the cropping to the edges of the image where lens corrections cause distortion. In darktable at least, this will subtly alter any previously edited images. Most other distributions still ship 0.3.2 so will not exhibit this issue.


As far as I know ART should support both 0.3.2 and the various flavours of 0.3.95 (which is really a set of different versions that share the same id, unfortunately) of lensfun, though I haven’t tested 0.3.2 in a while. I don’t know what 0.3.3 in Arch is, maybe @guzzisti can help?

thank you!

0.3.3 is the new official release of lensfun (here).

Arch Linux ships the 0.3.3 version which is the last stable version for the realease_0.3.X maintenance branch after the 0.3.2 version. It contains a few corrections and an updated DB. The main purpose is to permit the Lensfun packagers for the different distributions to ship an updated DB

0.3.95 is a tagged version inside the master branch. the last version on this branch is at least master_v0.3.95-863-g8d12bf8a. It contains all the evolutions of lensfun since 0.3.2 in 2015. I suppose they think to tag a stable version on this branch.

There is a bug in the archlinux distribution of lensfun 0.3.3.

Yes :grinning:

so it seems Arch some sort of up-downgraded to the official 0.3.3.

There’s already an report that this might break other apps due to a lib being removed: FS#74005 : lensfun bug 0.3.3-1
But this has been closed pretty soon :frowning:

I guess we just need to rebuilt ART to make it work again. I’m currently checking and will bump the PKG-Release to trigger a rebuilt for everyone.

Thanks! I wasn’t aware of that. I have just tested with 0.3.3 and I confirm that everything works, so it’s just a matter of rebuilding the Arch package as @guzzisti said.

If it’s an AUR package, I suppose you should find who is the maintainer of Lensfun.
Other way is to build locally as I do for my W10 ART builds.

This was what happened when I tried to get them to downgrade back to 0.3.2 - they just closed my issue as “not a bug”.

lensfun is an official arch package.

But i can confirm that it’s just ART that needs to be rebuilt, lensfun is detected correctly upon build. I’ve just pushed the update for the art-rawconverter package, so it shoult trigger a rebuild for everyone during their next update.

I don’t think there’s any need to downgrade lensfun.

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I mean when ArchLinux changed their version to 0.3.95 (the alpha release) I raised an issue saying that this was not a proper release and they should put it back to 0.3.2. I created my own 0.3.2 package in order to avoid the issues with 0.3.95 but it would have been better if 0.3.2 remained the official version in the Arch repos until 0.3.3 was out.

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I have recompiled ART and it works. ART is from AUR repo so reinstall it.

Thus, Archlinux ART users will continue to use a 0.3.3 version which is for the processing part the 0.3.2 corrected by ten minor commits and so dates back to 2015.
That seems detrimental to those users and I hope the lensfun team will be able soon to tag a stable version on the master branch (perhaps a 0.4.0 as it is not fully compatible with 0.3.3).

The compatability issue needs to be fixed first since, at the moment, it breaks old edits and there’s no way to determine which edits were made on 0.3.2/3 and which on 0.3.95/0.4.0.

I’m not sure there are actual benefits for ART users in upgrading lensfun, unless there are cameras and/or lenses supported only by the new version. Fwiw, the compatibility issue referenced above doesn’t affect art

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