Incorrect colours in G'MIC screen colour picker

(Antonio) #1

I’ve noticed some weird behaviour when using the screen colour picker G’MIC. When I choose it the window beneath it goes slightly grey, which results in the colour that’s picked from the preview area being slightly grey.

In the video below I’m trying to pick pure white and it’s coming out grey.

I’m using G’MIC on Ubuntu 18.04. Is anyone else using G’MIC with a different desktop environment? Does the same occur? I ask as I’m trying to find out where best to post the bug e.g. if it’s a problem with GNOME I’d have to report it there. If not I’ll report it in G’MIC.

(G'MIC staff) #2

The color selector we use is actually a pre-defined Qt widget, so there are not much we can do about it. My guess is that in your environment, it seems that popping up a modal windows makes the background grayish which changes then the colors you want to select.

(Antonio) #3

You may have seen this Twitter discussion already

It seems like it is by design that modal dialogues make the parent window grey and it looks unlikely to change.