Incorrect debayer of OSC image

I’ve installed version 1.2.0-beta 2, which mostly works fine, apart from the debayering. My camera pattern is GRBG and that is recognised in preferences and yet the final image after stacking is green and magenta, not the correct rgb colour scheme. Any ideas?

thanks, Roy

Hello, have you forced the pattern in the preferences, meaning it was badly detected in the first place?

Thanks for the response. Not to my knowledge, I’m using the default values that the new version picked up from the previous beta 1 installation, which displayed images correctly. The Bayer information from fits head box is ticked, and the correct debayer pattern is shown in the Bayer/mosaic drop down box.

Debayer code has not changed between beta1 and beta2. Also, the debayer task is dedicated to LibRaw.
Send a RAW image if you want we check the file.

Thanks: Do you mean one of the raw subs, or the stacked and unstretched result image? By the way, I loaded one of the raw subs and looked at the fits header under the image information menu. That reports the correct Bayer pattern at the bottom of the header (GRBG).