Indication of total space requirement (sum) in lighttable Import module for selected photos


In lighttable Import module, it would be nice to display an indication about total space requirement (ideally the final space necessary on disk, otherwise at least the total amount of individual sizes) to be able to import the selected photos.

I’m a little short on space and sometimes darktable tells me it lacks space to finish the import job eventually.

Is there any hack or do I submit the idea on the official Github page?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Which import are you talking about?

  • add to library…
  • copy & import…

Hi @grubernd,

I’m talking about “Copy&Import” (otherwise there would be no additional place required at all) :wink:

You should see my drive-stats when I start darktable-generate-cache for fullsized previews. :wink:

Anyway - I just looked at that window and personally I think that’s a really good idea to show something like “x GB of images selected for copy & import” … plus a stat for the target drive … and a big red flashing light with sirens if the former is bigger than the latter. Or something a little more subtle.

I have no say in these things and I never use the copy&import, but I’d support that feature.

Sorry, you’re right. I didn’t take into account cache or sidecar files. I was only speaking about the original picture files :wink:
There may be then some calculation to do to take into account all aspects (for both modes).

Well, a little self-reliance goes a long way. :sunglasses:

Depending on the complexity of the overall task a software doesn’t have to be overly protective in my opinion. After all darktable can not know how much space the previews or exports will have to occupy or even if they will be to the same disk and so on. A nice clear message about the size to be imported should be enough, just like you asked for in your initial question.

Why not give it a try and submit a feature request on the github repo?

Done: Display total space requirement (sum) in lighttable Import module for selected photos · Issue #15668 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

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