Infrared Joshua Trees

I made a trip out to the high desert of Southern California this Saturday to finally make a few serious frames with my newly converted infrared camera. All were shot on a Fuji X-T20 with the 35mm f1.4. All are ~1/180 @ f11. Infrared filter is roughly 590nm. White balance is ~2250K. All processing done in darktable with filmic RGB and some light local adjustments with the tone curve in LAB.


Did you DIY convert the X-T20? If so, how was that? Is it a filter-free or is there any replacement filter?
I converted a Sony A5000 (APS-C) successfully with total filter removal, but sold it. Then tried a A5100 (internally very similar) and failed. I think I will get a A5000 again.

No i had it professionally converted.

The replacement filter is blocking tje spectrum below 590nm.

Awesome photos @paperdigits. Reminds me of a game called No mans sky. :slight_smile:

The only feedback I could really give is that the compositions are a bit too centered for my taste. :slight_smile:

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