Infrared raw file messed up

(Ntrao) #1

Hi Experts,

I started using rawtherapee from last year and very happy with it. I own LR, so I use it as an alternate and especially to process infrared raw files, where I do a channel swap in RT. From last 2 months, I found it strange that RT is messing up infrared raw files very badly. I am unable to get any view of the files, that I see in jpeg. Not only that, it is giving completely red preview and even if I try to save it as jpeg file, it is also complete red only. Plz check attached screen shot of the rawtherapee with infrared files opened. A

lso, it is not happening with all files, but offlate happening to many of the files. Sadly, it is doing something at the raw level, so that even if I open it in LR after opening in RT, the file open the same way (red-red).

(Mica) #2

Please post a problematic raw file.


RT doesn’t change anything in th RAW file. Did you try to disable “White Balance”?

(Daniel Catalina) #4

I am also editing from time to time infrared raws and did not noticed this.

From your screenshot I see that you are using a ‘Custom’ processing profile.

I would recommend to try the following:

  • use the ‘Neutral’ processing profile
  • make sure that in the exposure tab all is right. Reset the automatic levels and especially the Auto-Matched Tone Curve. This is not working properly sometimes with my Fuji RAW files.
  • disable all other modules you see enabled.

(Ntrao) #5

Hi, Please find a link to the file.

(Ntrao) #6

If I am doing channel swap it is automatically changing to Custom profile…

(Ntrao) #7

Thanks! I disabled white balance and as suggested by other went to Neutral profile. Now the image looks good. Now I did a channel mixer and have to again change the WB to get the desired effect. Working OK, not good. Will do a little more research at night. Also, I pasted a raw pic, please feel free to analyze.