Inspect > DJI drone DNG > scaling bug?

Hi @agriggio, I rarely use Inspect but I just tried it with some DNG files from my DJI Mini 2 drone and instead of getting 1:1 or fit-to-window with the tool buttons at bottom right, the
preview just appears as a 960 x 720 thumbnail. It doesn’t change whatever I do (adjust area of preview window or use tool buttons). ART behaves as expected with Canon CR2 and CR3 files.

Here’s a sample RAW:

DJI_0004.DNG (23.4 MB)

Otherwise ART performs perfectly with the files, processing is exactly as it should be (Windows 10, release 1.10). Inspect displays the JPGs exported from the DNGs correctly.

Can you replicate that?

Many thanks


Well, the embedded jpg isn’t larger than 960 x720. Just that simple…


Does it change if you use one of the fast raw renders??

Ahhhhh, hang on, I just restarted ART to see if the preview scaled down if I made the preview window less than 960 px wide and it is now performing as expected. Looking at the DNG it shows the preview full window or 1:1 and the buttons work as expected…

Scratching head emoji :confused: I have not changed any settings or preferences or edited any files…

I’m not really familiar with the deep workings of EXIF but the files seem to have:

___“New subfile type = Thumbnail/Preview image” (res 192x256, jpeg compression)


“SubImage1” (res 4000x3000, uncompressed)


___“New subfile type = Thumbnail/Preview image” (res 960x720, jpeg compression)

Is it possible that ART doesn’t consistently use Image / SubImage1 / SubImage2 for Inspect previews?

In your screenshot you are showing a (fastish) raw rendering with a “standard” s-curve applied, which looks similar to the embedded jpeg. Look at the toggle buttons in the bottom right of the screen…


DOH. Facepalm. As I said I rarely use Inspect. (Note to self, find out how it works before complaining that it doesn’t work :/) Sorry to bother you :slight_smile: