Inspector to file browser via Filter.

I’m in the ART file browser.
I select an image by left click.
I right-click on the Inspector tab.
I see my image big.
I want to go back to the file browser.
I have to click on the Filter tab. Weird …
I should be able to get back into the File Browser by clicking the File Browser tab.
I realized this while re-doing my youtube video on sorting images.

Je suis dans le navigateur de fichiers de ART.
Je sélectionne une image par clic gauche.
Je clic à droite sur l’onglet Inspecteur.
Je vois mon image en grand.
Je veux revenir dans le navigateur de fichiers.
Je dois cliquer sur l’onglet Flitrer. Bizarre …
Je devrais pouvoir revenir dans le navigateur de fichiers en cliquant sur l’onglet Navigateur de fichiers.
Je m’en suis rendu compte en refaisant ma vidéo youtube sur le tri des images.

I have found that control+ i key is very useful for quickly switching between the inspector and file browser view.

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You are switching between the inspector and the filter, what’s weird about that? Both are part of the file browser, with thumbnails still available on the left part of the window…

CTRL+I . Merci

I thought File Browser and Filter and Inspector are three different things. A tab for each operation. Indeed if all this is an integral part of the file browser then I understand better. Sorry for misunderstanding.