Interesting effect (now explained)


During today’s play with macro lenses, this image popped up

No, I have not added a single colour to the background in processing :slight_smile:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


I also developed an obsession for ballpoint pens when I got my first macro gear, but I didn’t get such interesting results :slight_smile:


Love it!

And your non-descriptive titles. :wink:

Keeps me guessing.

(Stampede) #4

It’s cool! So where did the background colors come from, if not from post-processing?

I would not have guessed it was a ballpoint pen until I saw Ofnuts’s comment.


Well, imagine a highly polished metal ballpoint pen.
Place it on a colourful piece of paper (like a printer test sheet from ArgyllCMS), and there you have it. Since the depth-of-field was so small, the coloured squares blurred into a nice “backdrop”.

The same principle can, of course, be used for many things. Like this one:
(Caption) Yesterday we sampled last year’s Amarone in our cellar.

And that is nothing but a fat lie. I searched for an image of a nice wine cellar on the Web and placed the cork in front of the monitor:

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

PS: The Amarone was of a good vintage!

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Ha! Thanks for the great explanations!


So the two cool hexagons on the right are reflections on the tip of the clip…


Reflections with lens flare from somewhere, yes.